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2nd Sunday of Easter – Did you hear the one about Thomas? John 20. Holy Humor Sunday 4-24-22

Easter Worship Service


News and Study Links for March 2022

Who is the Lost One? – Luke 15. Woship for March 27th. 4th Sunday in March, UMCOR Sunday

All Are Sinners, Yet Figs are Possible! – Luke 13. Worship for March 20th. 3rd Sunday in Lent.

Pressing On Towards the Goal – Philippians 3. Worship for March 13th. 2nd Sunday in Lent,Girl Scout Sunday, Journey Out

News and Study Links for February 2022

Visit our YouTube page for past Worship Services

The Right Side – Luke 5. Worship of February 6th

The Triune God – 1 John 4. Worship of January 30th

God is Love – 1 Mark 4. Worship of January 23rd



1st Sunday of Advent – Mary’s Journey: Gospel of Luke

2nd Sunday of Advent – Joseph’s Journey: Gospel of Matthew

3rd Sunday of Advent – Elizabeth’s Journey: Gospel of Luke

4th Sunday of Advent – Journey to Bethlehem: Gospel of Luke

Christmas Eve Worship Service 2021


April 11, 2020  EASTER

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